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Originally Posted by Darth_Malak02
Actually it is there. If you go to the Lucasarts website. then go to games, then classics, then Jk: Mots there is a tab that you click on at the top(i forget what it says) and it will tell you how to get the level, I've never actually done it though
The files for the level are included on the MotS retail CD. You just have to unzip them, goo them up with a program like ConMan (iirc) along with an episode.jk file you create yourself in Notepad.

The LucasArts page IIRC, just gives instructions on putting it together and gives you the episode.jk file already made.

You could always run mods as loose files in JK/MotS, but putting them into a goo file is better.

A few people made modified versions of it that replaced Dark Mara and Dark Kyle with Vader, but they were always a bit buggy. The level itself was a bit buggy (but cool nonetheless!), and nobody really fixed it up completely, only tossed in a few little things, like Vader or making Boba Fett more powerful, etc.

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