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All of Alpha Squad was now within their makeshift bunker, shooting down droids by the hundreds. The droids were advancing slowly but constantly. Soon they would hit the mine field, then in the confusion, Alpha Squad would sneak away into the canyon. Some might call it cowardly, but Niner knew it was smart. After all, they weren't sent to lay waste to droids. Orbital strikes could do that. They were here to because there was something on this planet that the Republic wanted. Or wanted to take away from the Sepratists. Whichever one it was, Alpha Squad was going to get that crystal.

Niner slapped a new clip into his rifle. "Almost there," he said to his squad. "Gernades out." Alpha Squad stopped fireing and pulled out some gernades. "Now!" The gernades went flying over to the back of the droid formation just as the mines went off. Niner's visor turned white, then black, then back to normal in just a couple of seconds. Static filled his ears. Before he realized it, Niner was running through the canyon, his squad right behind him. Clumps of ground were falling on his armor, covering his body in brown streaks.

They had made into the canyon. Nothing could stop them from reaching the facility now. Nothing ever could stop Alpha Squad.
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