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Alpha Squad ran through the canyon. There was almost no opposition. They were almost out of the canyon and into the city that they had to cross through. "Almost to the target," Niner told his squad.

Just then, a droid patrol started firing from a cliff above them. Niner flattened himself against the cliff wall to assess the situation. Two seconds later, he had formed a plan and started giving orders.

The other members of Alpha Squad positioned themselves about a quarter of a klick away. Niner was left below the droid patrol. With all of the members out of firing range, Niner took out a remote detonator and primed it. He threw it over his head and onto the cliff where the droid patrol was stationed.

Niner ran towards his squad and pulled out the remote. The droids opened fire on him as he ran. Niner squeezed the trigger on the remote. Once again, earth fell to the ground all around Niner. When he caught up with the rest of Alpha Squad they were already running for the opening which led to the town. "No more stops," Niner told them.

When they got to the opening, Alpha Squad approached cautiously. Niner snapped on his sniper attatchment and peered through the scope. Within the crosshairs lay a what looked like a Republic mercenary and a jedi, stationed on a tall building. Niner smiled in his helmet. Alpha Squad wasn't alone.
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