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"Maybe we can make one stop," Niner said. "Let's move out."

Niner and the rest of Alpha Squad started walking through the town. They grouped up and made sure to cover every degree that the enemy could attack them from. Once they got to the tall building, where the mercenary and jedi were positioned, they were attacked by droids. "IN!" Niner ordered, but the door was locked.

Droids started pouring out of the other buildings like ants. Niner quickly pulled out his disruptor pistol and fired a single round into the door. The shock of the bolt hitting the door blew a hole six feet in diameter through the door. Alpha Squad entered.

Inside, there were already droids. Niner shot another round into a group of them and scrapped about ten droids. Then he switched to his DC-17. With the combined effort of the squad's rifles and a few electrostatic charge detonators, the building was cleared. On the bottom floor at least. "Stay here while I rendevous with the snipers," Niner barked.

The rest of Alpha Squad had already set up the E-Web by the time Niner was to the second floor. He mowed down through random droids on his way to the top. He wanted to make sure his act didn't put the soldiers in harm's way. He had a feeling it didn't.
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