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That's a beautiful screenshot, popcorn!! Venators are simply so beautiful even I make an effort to capture the perfect screenshot if it comes up.

And while we are in the topic of Episode III, below is my Battle of Coruscant.

It really is the Battle of Coruscant! I downloaded slocket's Venator mod and both the Rebels and Empire have them. I'm currently playing the Empire Campaign at Hard Level and my God, its a bitch to play! Whoever said Venators are weak....FORGET IT!!!

They are a pain in large numbers if your opponent has them as well and being stuck at Tech Level 1 and given the Rebels aren't even suppose to have capital ships at that part of the story, it definitely makes the game more challenging. Each space battle can take almost an hour and often I have to engage, retreat, come back after "repairs", etc before I successfully conquer a system. I have yet to reach Geonosis and in the battle above, I actually lost and had to reload an earlier saved game to rethink my strategy.
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