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501st legion

Name: The 501st Legion
Website: 501st Homepage by Team-e5
Sponsorships: LucasArts, Team E5, and a few others i can't remember atm
Sides: Empire/Republic
Recruiting: Always
Platform: X-box
Member Count: Last count roughly in the upper hundreds
Location: International
Leader: Delta General
Contacts: TheLaughingMan9(me), Delta General, R A Sailor, SgtTaco806
Desciption: Most members, especially Masters, are very active. We recruit anyone as long as they are tested in 3 areas: Jedi 1v1, Assault, and Conquest. We role play a bit with Jedi, now having Coruscant Assault we have a working Jedi Council. If your looking for a cool experience with good company send one of us a friend request and we'll set up a tryout.

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