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Eboi was running up the corridors towards the detainment cell area but stopped dead in his tracks and ignited his lightsabre. He could feel something in the force. It was strong. He turned around and backflipped to avoid a blood red lightsabre being swung at him. A sith was there, Lightsabre ready.
"Hello jedi." The sith said. "I am Lord Murto of a parallel universe you do not know of."
"Get off me sith, we both have better things to do here." Eboi shot back.
"Grumpy." Murto said, purposely causing Eboi to get angry.
Eboi suppressed his anger and flew at Murto, Swinging his lightsabre and at the same time tripping him. Murto blocked and took a swing at Eboi, catching his arm lightly. Eboi forced pulled Murto to him then swung at him. Murto scrambled away and threw his lightsabre at Eboi. Eboi ducked and force called Murto's lightsabre to him. Murto threw light-blue lightning at him but Eboi matched it with tinted green lightning. They both tried to over power each other and the both lightning strikes grew stronger. Then they both gave up at once and flew in opposite directions against the hall wall.
Eboi force ran at Murto but he dodged, making Eboi run against the wall head first. Then as Eboi got up, Murto rammed his lightsabre into Eboi's chest. Eboi gasped for air as his heart was pulverised by energy.
He stood up and swaggered slightly, looked at Murto hatingly, then fell to the ground.

Wind had absolutely no idea how to dodge fire from enemy ships, but jedi reflexs made up for a lot. He turned and barrel rolled and suddenly a red sign in his control panel lit up. 'Low fuel'.
"Oh great." Wind said sulkingly and headed for a star destroyer. "At least i can do some real battle on ground!"
Another red sign lit up and the R2 unit assigned to his ship beeped out, Warning him hes was going in to fast to land. Wind ignored it and pressed on. Shrieks of alarms went of further warning him he was going too fast! Wind barrel rolled and his starfighter slammed against the hangar's floor. It screeched to a halt with sparks flying and Wind got out with a proud look on his face.
Their was a dead dark jedi's lightsabre on the ground. Wind excitingly picked it up and turned it on. It was blood red. Wind's eyes grew wide but he was reliefed when the lightsabre deactivated and activated again, this time orange.
Wind happily put it on his new lightsabre on his belt and continued on, seeking adventure.

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