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Name: Icik Eitir
Age: 18
Faction: Neutral, Fights the republic but doesn't team with the CIS.
Weapons: Mountable-DC-17 blaster rifle with sniper scope and custom upgrades, smoke grenade, jetpack.
Class: Rebel Sniper

Icik sat there, playing music from his head chip. He started humming as he squeezed off a shot at a super battle droid from his mounted DC-17 blaster rifle. It marked what people thought of as a SBD's head, taking it down. He took a wiff of his favorite drug from tatooine and took out a battle droid heading over to see where the shot came from.
Icik got up and moved his chair to another window in the building. A good sniper never gives his position away by staying in the same spot. He targeted a figure, looked at it, targeted it again and said to himself, "What the hell is that?"
Suddenly droids flew out of buildings and the figure and three others blew into a door. He heard blasterfire then the figure came out of the top of the building. Icik set his scope on that one.

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