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I need help to get forward.

After you have talked to Shuv-Oohl for the first time at the mystery wortex and you are about to look for that location he want me to find. (with the binoculars at the Largest Boll Of Twine)

In my case for "Frog Rock", how do i find it?. i have decreased the speed of the binoculars, and allso complete stoped them from moving so Max should suppose to make a comment on all locations of interest (says the wallktroughs), but he doesnt say anything where i stoping, must i hit any key to make him coment? i find it really hard to find this location without it, casue all look the same to me exept World of Fish.

So How do i know the locations im pointing at in the binoculars?
Please help me find Frock Rock
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