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Niner reached to the bottom of the building to see the rest of Alpha Squad chewing up droids that tried to come through the entrance hole. "They're coming," Niner informed his squad. "I hope."

Just then multiple rockets blasted through the wall. They crashed into the wall behind them. "It took them long enough," Niner joked. Then started pounding droids that came in through the newly formed entrances.

Suddenly, a blaster bolt his Niner squarely in the chest. It bounced off his personal shield and didn't cause any major damage. However, it was enough to knock him backwards. He caught himself on something protruding from the back wall. It was something that hadn't been there before. His weight pushed it down. It was a lever.

The building began to sink lower and lower into the ground. The building was some kind of elevator. Hopefully leading to the energy facility. "That would be nice," Niner thought.
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