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Clan Name: The Fallen Lords



Leader: Ginius

Co Leaders: Mad_Bomber, Tank0

Clan Email: N/A

Story aboud your clan: TFL came into being in the Homeworld series, A total 3d strategy space game. We still have a presence in HW:Cataclysm and we are the dominant clan in HW:2. As the Homeworld series are dying and the community lessens, we decided to branch out into future games, Sins of a Solar Empire and Supreme Commander.
While we wait for these games to be released we also decided to venture into EaW, of which I am the proud Captain and although our presence is erratic, we have already begun to establish a skilled reputation, in the UK lobby at least. We strive for domination and we can see we have a lot of work ahead of us in challenging so many clans but be assured, you will all be hearing from me soon

here's to the good games to come.

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