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Name: T-1345A
Number: 209
Squad: Alpha
Squad Role: Demolitions
Weapons: DC-17 with grenade attachment, time bombs, det packs, mini anti-vehicle cannon, strip bomb, fusion cutter, grappling hook
Strengths: bombs, rapid-entry approach, grenades, weopen systems, vehicles
Weaknesses: Hostage-situations, civilian evac, medical things.
Biography: when Kikker was 1, his DNA samples were accidently duplicated, making kikker twice as much like Jango Fett. He found great intrest in the bomb rooms of kamino and, due to him being extremely like Jango, actully LIKED storming the killing house in kamino, where live fire is authorized for training. Kikker was the only remaining survivor of a team of 3 squads when raiding a bunker on geonosis.

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