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Lost Cause II Part 8

Welcome dear forum readers to another installment of the Lost Cause II review boards. I will be your typer for this evening. And this over here is my right hand man MJ. Don't pay attention to him anymore because it is me typing and he is busy with the probulator. We start out this episode with a mysterious lack of Lord Vapour and Lube escaping the grip of the disturbing green midget,Yadda. I am sure getting his ass kicked by a scary and disturbing frog had something to do with it. We also learn of Yadda and his banjo playing and singing, of which I hope some day we get a song file of. Yadda also speaks of another hope, but of not who it is? Who could this mysterious character be? Could it be Pooey the wookie? We also find out where Vapour and his entourage disappeared to in the beginning of the episode. It seems the greasy lords plans have come to fruitition and he has followed our intrepid heroes to the Cloud City Hamburger Joint. Has Number 2 betrayed the rebels and is going back to Darth Vapour? Will Lube be able to save Ham, Pooey and Leer from certain doom? Do they want fries with that? Will Mouldy Bun have a new important part before the end of the series? Find out in the next installment of Lost Cause II There' Still No Hope!

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