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Clan Name: La Flotte Bleue
Leader: Hisian Aria (Amiral Ace)
Co Leaders: None for the moment.
Clan Email:
Story aboud your clan:
We are the first fench-speaking clan upon EaW that was created. Our main aim is to focus on strategy and roleplay, in addition to taking part in other clan events.
The Blue Fleet is a secret fleet of the Alliance, and was created in order to investigate weird phenomenons of the galaxy and help the Alliance as a hidden weapon to strike the enemy when he can't expect it. The story of the Blue Fleet has already been written in fan fictions, from the star wars age 18 AY till the Yuuzhan Vong, but the goal of the EaW one is to tell its creation and its first achievements.

- Captain, warn the bows officers. They must get ready for ramming.
- But, Admiral, it's just suicide !
- To ram ? It isn't. But insubordination, it is.
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