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I admit, English is not my first language

Originally Posted by SyntheticGerbil
You need to hit the Frock and speed down the rocket for finding Kloppstock the rock.
If this is the solution i dont understand what it means fully?it sound to me that this is what i described first i hade done?

"is there a button to make Sam or Max comment the place of interest?
(cause if thei should do so thei dont do it to me automaticly when speeding down as mutch as possible)"

so have in understand it right that the answer is no here. no one tells you where you are,
and i shall instead just look at the shape of the places and look for a mountain that looks like a soft "dress" (from H&M!?)

but if this is was fully understandable for everyone else exept me,i apologise for my bad english and will imigrate to a lonely cave in Tasmania and never speak in 3/5 years

if ya all are tired of me and want me to shut , i then thank you all for your answers, and i will let this thread die peasfully
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