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Name: Aton Patangz
Team: Jedi
Weapons: Blue Lightsaber, Yellow Lightsaber Force Powers
Equipment: Basic Jedi robe
Class: Jedi Knight
Strengths: Hand to hand combat, lightsaber skills
Weakness: Piloting skills, repair

Aton watched from a window as a wave of clones attacked the Jedi temple. He groaned and put his head in his hands.
"Well I can't say I didn't see this coming" he mumbled
He turned and ran downstairs to do what he could. He got out his lightsabers and entered a hall to see clones firing at everything that moved. There were few Jedi and thos who were there were being shot at. A jedi fell near Aton. His face was blank. Aton ignited his lightsabers as the last Jedi in the hall fell. It was now him and only him.
"oh..." he mumbled
"Hurry the hell up" he thought
As the first shot was fired Aton moved quikcly. He dodged it and then refelcted back a few shots to clones who fell. He moved behind a pillar and took a deep breath....


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