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Posts: 408 I dont think "You need to hit the Frock and speed down the rocket for finding Kloppstock the rock." is the answer....Gerbil is just....Gerbil.

If I remember correctly, Frog Rock is inbetween a tree stump, and a big cloud, itll be the only rock inbetween those two things, and doesnt really look like a frog.

When you see it, you stop on it, and exit the view from the binoculars I believe, and Sam should say something.

You MIGHT have to click on something in the binocular view, but I think you just stop on it, and leave the binoculars to get the commment and continue.

Good luck. I always thought it looked pretty cool when you add all the big foot hair and stuff to the rock.

Edit: You totally shouldnt need a walkthrough.....I uh....well I beat this game before I was 10 i think...
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