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Wind turned to see Nexus. "Ey, We need to protect the library's Archives. But It won't be easy when Skywalker walks through the door, You must of felt his anger."
Wind threw his lightsabre, taking out 3 clone troopers. He and the 4 of his remaining friends backed off towards the Jedi library. He could make out Anakin on a belcony above the Main hall's floor, fighting a stubborn Kyui De-Hapi. 5 Clone troopers ran up behind her and Kyui turned and took out 2. But the she couldn't block the other 3's blaster fire and Anakin's lightsabre at once, and the one of the Jedi's best knight fell to the ground, dead.
Shock took over Wind for a moment. If Anakin was strong enough to defeat Kyui, The many, but confused, remaining jedi scattered throughout the temple could defently be defeated.

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