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Chapter 3: A Strange Dream
The feast was still going on when Michaela and I went home. I knew that the chieftain wouldn’t mind because he had already said his piece about the events that had occurred. At our home, Michaela had changed into what she was going to sleep in and had gone to look at the moon. I joined her and we looked at it together. I once made the comment that the moon was more beautiful than the sun in that it allowed all the beautiful things to occur under her gaze. She seemed to like that and from then on, we always watched the moon and listened to the birds singing.

That night was different and I could feel it. Even though I felt at peace, there was a nagging doubt in the back of my mind. I tried to push it out as we went to bed. Our pet draigon, a smaller version of the one we ride, curled up at our feet and drifted off to sleep. During that sleep, it came.

Blood, fire, smoke and bodies were all on the ground. The screams were many and loud, intense. The dead, the wounded, the dying were everywhere. The star from the sky came down and sent a bright light to reveal a shadow. Tall, imposing and covered with the blood of all that he slaughtered. He laughed as he rammed his blade through what appeared to be the tribesmen. I turned and saw Naomi and others that I knew from the Zherron tribe dead or crying out for help. I couldn’t see Michaela but I sensed she was there somewhere. I reached out to try and help but it was too late, too late…

I woke up with a start. I was disturbed by what I saw and would have jumped right out of bed if I hadn’t been aware of Michaela sleeping soundly. The images of death and dying filled me with the familiar sorrow I had felt when I was a boy and my father died and my pet draigon, killed by Tvark. As I remembered Tvark, I felt an immense shadow come across my back and it sent a chill down my spine.

With as much care as I could muster, I got out of bed and left Michaela to sleep while I thought about Tvark and that chill I felt. I sat on the rail of the veranda and gazed at the Chinooka run its silver course. I had a distinct feeling that the dream and Tvark were somehow connected to the falling star from the sky. Looking at the river, I saw a dire wolf gaze at me with its inquisitive golden eyes and then walk away, probably to hunt. I wondered what Tvark could possibly have to do with my dream seeing that I killed him to save my wife that night in the township on Mikkado. My thoughts were blending together and filling my mind with numerous possibilities that I didn’t notice Michaela until she placed a gentle hand on my shoulder.

Apparently I had awakened her, or she told me that she felt something was wrong. My first thoughts were that she was beautiful standing in the moonlight in her night shift with her long brown hair trailing down her back. She asked me, “What is it?”

Not ready and not willing to answer, I turned my gaze to her wrist. I recognized the draigon pearl bracelet and fingered it rather lovingly. I replied, “I remember when I first gave this to you.”

She was clearly annoyed and her voice gave it away when she responded, “How long is it going to take for you to be honest with me?”

“It’s nothing, just a dream,” I replied.

“You’ve had dreams before. Don’t shut me out. Please tell me.”

I could see that she was concerned for me. She didn’t have to remind me that she knew that I had not been sleeping well ever since that siege business and that my dreams were not just dreams. She knew better than to push me so she waited silently but her presence was filled with concern. I had stood up and walked towards the opposite rail looking at the village. I knew that I was doing her no justice by not telling her so I decided to swallow my need to protect her and flat out say what was bothering me, “I had a dream. Like the ones I used to have before the sieges, before the slaughter.”

“Is it bad?”

“I think something terrible is going to happen. I saw many of our friends dying or dead and a great evil was delighting in their suffering and a falling star shined its light upon him, almost as if revealing itself.”

“Do you recognize the evil being?”

“I don’t know but I think it has something to do with Tvark. The dream brought the sorrow I had felt when he killed Manzibique.”

She couldn’t really find anything to say. It wouldn’t make any sense because I had never told her about Manzibique or my time at the boarding school and orphanage. Instead she came close and placed her arm through the crook of mine and leaned close. She stood there with me and said, “No matter what happens, we will face it together.”

I wasn’t so sure about it. I knew that she didn’t forget Tvark because she saw that as the bad side of her people when they allowed their hatred to dictate their actions. I didn’t tell her that I didn’t see her in my dream but I felt her there. I thought that it meant that her fate was uncertain. I did know this; I needed to pay a visit to Petronius, the lore master and medicine man. He seemed to have an understanding of life that transcended the vision of the Jedi. I said no more as Michaela and I went back to sleep with her head on my shoulder.

No more dreams came the rest of the night and in the morning, and my tiredness was showing. Michaela didn’t make any reference to what had happened that night, knowing that I was uncomfortable that I had put her into a position of worrying. What was worse was that I was worried about what the dream meant. Funny, I kept others from worrying most of my adult life that when I had a chance to worry, I felt like I swallowed a blaster bolt, like bantha poodoo.

We didn’t discuss anything about the dream but rather laid down what was going to happen for today. Michaela would go to the chieftain’s wife for she had been invited to learn more on how to be a proper wife. I on the other would go to the indaba and discuss options with Trystan, the chief. I didn’t tell her that I would see old Petronius before that. I didn’t have to for she knew that I went to Petronius for anything that involved visions. I finished my meal and gave a kiss on Michaela’s cheek and bade her a good day.

Petronius was waiting for me at the entrance to his hut. He always seemed to know when I was troubled, which was lately. I enjoyed going to visit him for his hut was on the Chinooka River a comfortable distance from the rest of the village. You could say that he was somewhat of a hermit. He welcomed me into his hut and I was immediately welcomed with a strong scent of Judan blossoms and herbs. It was a smell that I remembered well from my days of being an orphan at the boarding school. The only difference was that I felt accepted her whereas there I was treated and disregarded as a bothersome fly.

I made my way to my familiar pallet seat, the place where visitors sat. Petronius stoked his fire in the center of the room and handed me a cup of Chinooka bark tea. It was a rather soothing brew that could put even the most reluctant into a talkable mood. As protocol dictated, I inquired about his health and his family. His daughter I helped from a rather unscrupulous warrior who thought he deserved everything he saw. Needless to say she married well and had two children. Petronius on his end questioned me about my family and why there were no children to bring on the next generation of warriors to defend the family honor. I knew he would ask this and I replied the same way every time, “When work is finished.”

It was really a cover because children were something Michaela and I never discussed being that we had our duties and I think we just wanted to be with each other. After our initial conversation, it was my cue to bring up what had been bothering me, “The dreamtime has been invading my night thoughts.”

“Yes your face shows it.”

“I think that they are visions of what is to come.”

“How certain are you?” Petronius asked.

I went into a very descriptive narrative of my dreams. Petronius didn’t say anything through out my narrative but listened deeply. When I had finished, he kept in thought, deep thought and I knew that this too disturbed him. I think he was trying to find the best way to speak his mind without having me get worked into frenzy. He replied, “Premonitions of death and war you see. Hmm…disturbing and yet hope fall from the sky.”

“What could that mean? There hasn’t been a full scale war since the Rashikians shed blood on Belos.”

“Careful you must be when sensing the future. What Grace has gifted you could mean two things instead of one.”

I knew full well that meaning. Master Tergis had told me once that the future was and is always in motion. Sometimes what we see means one thing but it really means another. He was telling me that war will come but as to whom it could be the Rashikians or it could be another. The falling star was hope though I was uncertain to what that meant. I was thinking about what he said when he spoke again, “War will come, yes, but as to who will lead it, that remains uncertain. Death will come. It is a natural part of life.”

I thought about telling him the feeling I had about Tvark and Manzibique and at first decided to not to but realized that I would be doing a greater disservice by not telling. Petronius listened to what I felt when I had my dream the night before but right away he spoke up instead of waiting, “The future meets the past. It is the only way one must grow.”

He was trying to tell me that I had to face what I had left behind on Mikkado. I thought at first he was trying to tell me that I had to have the vision quest or something. I thought in the beginning they were connected. Later when it did happen that I met what would have been the end of me and the people that I loved.

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