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Hells yea! That's been one of my missions over the past year! Lets KEEP JK ALIVE!

If you haven't already done so, I suggest you download an IRC client such as mIRC, and login into Once connected, join the #JK channel by typing /join #jk . Once there, you will be exposed to the most active JK Community to date!

IRC gives us a far better way to organize huge JK games. The holonet server is active everyday with as many as 200 people, so it's always easy to set up a game! Unlike the Zone's outdated 4 player limit, we are now able to play with many, many people in a single game... and it happens almost every day!! Actually, just last night we had a 5v5 CTF! It OWNED!!

Come get some of this action!! Come visit and check it out!
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