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sorry obi. Im after a much more specific answer - eg. a name/place/person

Dont forget that as far back as ANH Script and the ROTJ Novelisation, there were mentions of the battle near a volcano and this being responsible for Vader's disfigurement... any old skool SW fan basically has been waiting to see the Mustafar Duel and Immolation Scene since 1977(1980 for me, as thats when I first saw SW)

questions stays up

Q. From where/what did George Lucas derive the name "Mustafar" ??
Edit : No takers ? "Behind the scenes" tells us that "Mufasta" was the original name but GL changed it. Also, part of the inspiration of this was a name "Mustafa", The name of a real life Turkish WWI commander who appears in ep.17 of the young Indy series, "Masks of Evil" Linky

* * *

New Question

Q. Who was Jabba *originally* played by ? How did his performance pose a problem for the ANH:SE ?


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