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Originally Posted by Kloppstock
Trust me you dont wanna know

No still i have no idea where i am on the map. Anyway you people have explained as good as poosible.

its not you, it's me who are the problem (have you ever heard that replica on Glamour etc before? but that is corrcet here

i will possible be (the first..yes?) to give up on this child game!.(atleast temp)

fear not, maybe some day i will beat it

thanks for all replies
Here, this is ripped from a walkthrough for the game from

"Ride the tram and enter the restaurant. Pick up the wires and attach them to
the binoculars. Place the magnifying glass on the binoculars, too. Now use the
binoculars and shift the view clicking on the control bar in the center. Right
mouse click moves right and lift click moves left. Center in on all the rocks
to find the one you are looking for. Click the right and left mouse buttons
together to exit this screen. Ride the elevator and leave via the tram."

So yeah, just center on the rocks and should be working unless your copy of the game is possessed and trying to mess with your brain.

I'm determined to make you beat this game damnit.
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