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Originally Posted by Jafar
I apologize for the detail not being at it's best, but I hope the coolness of the screenshots makes up for that. I've tweaked the XML for space combat of all sorts, tell me what you notice/like/dislike, and I may release it eventually as a mod.
Two X-wing squadrons opening fire
Battle of Corellia 01
Battle of Corellia 02
Battle of Corellia 03 (That's an Acclamator exploding in the foreground)
Battle of Corellia 04 (The frigates come marching in)
Battle of Corellia 05 (Possibly my favorite next to 01)
X-wing squadrons preparing to enter the combat

I have more screenies of the Corellia fight if anyone wants to see them.
Why are you apoligizing lol? Cool screenies.

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