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Clan needs members!

Clan Name: Imperial Death Legion... <IDL>
Site: Under Construction
Leader: Biohazard044
Co Leaders: SOUPsix, darthrobert7
Clan Email:
Story aboud your clan: The IDL was founded early 2006 and commissioned soon there after.

The clan leader, Biohazard044, is an ex-Rebel that succumed to the dark side in his quest for universal fame and notoriety.

SOUPsix has always been a part of the Empire. He started out as a pilot and has made a very good name for himself as a fighter AND Starbase commander.

The most recent addition to the clan was Darthrobert7. He has proven himself in several battles, even helped in taking down Biohazard044 before he turned to the dark side. Darthrobert7 is a master at battlefield strategies.

Biohazard044 is currently enlisting clan members. Please email: if your interested in enlisting.

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