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1. Trade Federation Battleship = An alright Level. Got me into the game. 6/10
2. Swamps Of Naboo = Personally, to me, it's a boring Level. You have to find Qui-Gon with the help of Jar Jar. 5/10
3. Otoh Gunga = A nice relaxing Level for me. No Battle Droids, just a whole lot of Gungans. It can be fun to kill the Gungans. 8/10
4. Gardens Of Theed = Another relaxing Level, even though there was a lot of Battle Droids. 7/10
5. Escape From Theed = This is when the Game started to get hard. Defending the Queen seemed to be hard, but I managed to defend her. 8/10
6. Mos Espa = Finally you get to be Qui-Gon. 9/10
7. Mos Espa Arena = Another good Level. 9/10
8. Encounter In The Desert = Too short but good. 8/10
9. Coruscant = This is another hard Level which I liked. 9/10
10. Assault On Theed = Return to Theed, but a lot easier. 9/10
11. The Final Battle = I found this boring. It's good once you find the Viceroy and battle Darth Maul. 9/10
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