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Well Mike good job so far! This is the REAL editor I am looking for. Can you give us a version of the LuaDec you modified?

On the other hand, I can of course output Lua assembly from the lua files; that's easy to do. But then this has to be manually decompiled into normal Lua code, something I'm sure most modders can't, won't (or even shouldn't) do.

I programmed way to much in assembler decades ago when computers were very 'dumb'. Even the decompiled asssembler code can be of great use to do basic modification of integer -say what the AI will use for a raid fleet total number or what it thinks it needs to attack your fleet.

Then by going into the regular files, it can be hexed in. I did this for the DLL in Freelancer to get around some annoying behaviour to allow playing the game in single player mode without the storyline getting into the way.

So if you can give out a copy, I think quite abit of simple modding of the scripts can be done to some extent using the assembler code as a guide.

This well give the game a boost by making the AI smarter.
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