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I just wanted to HOLLA! at all my Sith lords, and all you Jedi dogs that make SWK the great RESOURCE that it is!

This site has made me a believer in a very short time (March). You guys have opened my eyes to the great 'galaxy' of MODding KotOR and TSL, two of my very favorite games! Now my gaming experience has moved to that " Whole NUTHA level! " --- you KNOW what I'm talkin' about! And now my elation is exponentially increased 100x by learning to MODify the game(s) myself, and realize some of these " in a galaxy far, far away..." MOD ideas shooting through my tiny brain!

BIG PROPS to all you Sith lords and Jedi, masters that have made this site and my SWKotOR 'galaxy' KICK AZZ!!!

Here's a little list of the 'O.G.' Sith and Jedi that deserve MUCH RESPECT!:

- Fred Tetra --- for the 1 - and - only KotOR Tool, which is the cornerstone of our Sith teachings!

- stoffe -mkb- --- for being one of the most intelligent people 'round these parts, not to mention a very helpful and courteous LADY! Not to mention all the great MODs/utilities and helpful tutorials stoffe has given us!

- ChAiNz.2da --- 'Galaxy' - class MODder AND modERATOR! USM, TSL Hak PAD, Kreia's Assorted Robes, DarkSword --- need I say more? BIG PROPs, ChAiNz!

- tk102 --- for the GREAT KSE, with out which we would all be lost! Also, for all those tools/utilities for MODding that I currently know little about, but I plan on getting a whole lot more acquainted with in the very near future (like tonite --- since tomorrow is 4/20, and I will be in NO shape for learning then --- or probably for a couple days after!). THANKS tk!

- Achilles --- the best resource for tutorials to help a nOOb (like me!) learn to MOD KotOR, and for his Game Balance MOD!

- RedHawke --- like ChAiNz.2da, not just a GREAT MODder, but also a GREAT modDERATOR! --- RH Exile Item Pack, RH Revan's Robes, and several other tight shhh! MODs for KotOR and TSL!

- darth333 --- ' THE ' modDERATOR! A Sith lord of obviously GREAT power! Also, some pretty cool MODs!

- T7Nowhere --- THANKS for all the GREAT MODs!

- Prime --- also a 'PRIME- time' MODder and modDERATOR with some cool MODs for the peeps!

- Darkkender --- ALWAYS helpful with Q's and A's, and a dawg-gone decent MODder--- basically, one cool MOFO!

- mrdefender --- for the ultra-kewl wristconsole series! Those 'developer functions' and portable workbench/lab KICK AZZ!

- oldflash --- for his technical MODding knowledge and help; also some pretty cool MOD stuff!

- jmac --- for ALL the cool MODs, and for being knowledgable and helpful!

- MacLeod Corp --- Dark Apprentice: Halowan Consortium --- 'NUFF SAID!

- Reclaimer --- I didn't forget you, my hands were just tired from all this typing!
- ... and the cast of thousands that I failed to LIST --- THANK YOU!!!

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