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I'll let you get the impressions by Reposting my First Post on the DH forums

Legacy of the Force series is set a few years after Dark Nest.

The Legacy Comic series is set 100 years in the future after the First Book Betrayal

So there is 100 years of either More Books or More Comics to fill up.

I read in another thread about Lady Lumiya...Ok Here is a brief history of her for Whoever didn't read the old Star Wars Comics and How, in my opinion, she relates to both storylines...

Lady Lumiya was originally known as Shira Brie....She was an Imperial mole in the Rebel Alliance. Luke "Killed" her in combat but she was saved by Vader and a tank of Bacta.

She was trained as a Dark force Adept by Both Vader and Palpatine and became an Emperor's Hand.

She Disappeared for a bit and some theorise that she resurfaced during the Vong War and trained a regiment of Dark Jedi seen in the Wizards Card Game about a Sith Cult in the Remnant.

This game includes a reference to a Force Sensitive Vong....(post TUF so not Omini)

Now...The Blurb for LotF mentions a "dark rendevous" for Luke that I theorise is about the Dark Lady Lumiya....

Now we all know that Jacen will most likely Fall this Series as "the skywalker legacy comes Full Circle", therefore the Force is Unbalanced somehow...and as the Galactic Alliance is becoming like a new Empire....

Therefore GFFA= "Empire" seen in the Legacy Comics
The Emperor: Jacen Solo's Descendant.

As Cade hates what Jacen and Probably what his Father/ Grandfather (Ben) did, he has abandoned the Skywalker name. He became a Bounty Hunter because that is what I think his Mother (Fett's Daughter) was....

This is all a massive theory IMO...So If I am right,,,KUDOS to me...But we need to see the LotF series and the comic Series before we make a final Decision on how Post LotF cannon develops....

May the Fosh Be With you.....

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