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Originally Posted by Kurgan
Well it's just that in SWBF1, without using mods, killing Jedi via convention means is impossible. They only die one of four ways:

1) Crush them with a vehicle (speeders, wheel droids, etc, even walkers can stomp on them but it's very hard to do since walkers are so slow compared to Jedi)

2) Blown off a platform into a pit.

3) Land on them with a ship.

4) Reinforcements fall below a certain level (any active Jedi on their side automatically die and never come back).

I don't know about the console versions. Perhaps you can kill them other ways in the console, but on the PC, that's that. Now in SWBF2, they run out with time and you can kill them with anything you want virtually, since they take damage like a normal unit (it reduces their "time bar").
5) killed by another Jedi.

If you get the two computer jedis to fight each other one of them will be killed eventually. Distract one of them to get him killed.
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