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Aton dodged a blaster shot and backed into the library. There a group of confused and scared looking Jedi gathered whispering they stopped when Aton and the others entered. "What's going on?" asked a young Jedi
"Clone Troopers have entered the temple with Skywalker" Aton muttered
He turned as a clone trooper flung himself round a corner Aton Force ushed him away and closed the doors quickly. He used the force to block the door but he knew once skywalker was near it wouldn't do much. He turned to a a few Jedi
"Well? Lightsabers out!" he said
Aton realised he was one of the most experienced Jedi there. He ignited his blades and waited. The door moved slightly and then burst open. Anakin walked in with a horrible look on his face Clone troopers followed firing their blasters. The Jedi blocked the shots but some were unlcuky. The Jedi were in a big clump and Clone were raining fire down from above
"SPREAD!" Yelled Aton and the Jedi all moved away to fight their own battles Aton charged at skywalker but a clone commander stopped him Aton force pushed him onto the balcony above but the clone was well equiped. He used a grapling hook to drag Aton up to him. The clone withdrew two small electro staffs and stood ready. Aton smirked but the clone lunged forward. Aton blocked him and jumped and spun around. The landed a few feet away. The clone stood for a moment and then fell. His head rolled away. Aton looked over the balcony and saw in horror Skywalker was killing Jedi at a fast rate. Aton gulped and dropped down infront of a Jedi who was about to killed and blocked Anakin's attack.
"GO!" He yelled at the Jedi as he blocked another attack.
"You are no match for me!" Anakin screamed. Aton just grimaced and force pushed Anakin away but Anakin was too strong. Anakin slid a few feet back but managed not the be flung away. Aton twirled his blades and waited for Skywalker to make the next move.


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