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(WS) Wraith Squad

Name: (WS) Wraith Squad
Website: (under construction)
sides: any
Recruiting: yes
Location: UK based, accepts members from europe.
Leaders: Members with a 'Wraith #' name. (I am one)
Platform: PC
Contacts: Wraith 5, Wraith 9
Joining: see our forums, and submit a request in the 'Join Wraith Squad' forum. you will recieve a reply within 2 days maximum.
Description: (WS) Wraith Squad formed shortly after the release of Battlefront 2, we are always open to new members, and hold daily training servers, and weekly recruiting servers. we have a ventrilo server, and several channels within this for different fire squads. We do not currently have a dedicated server, but our server host (Wraith 9) has a high internet connection speed, and we take all measures neccissary to reduce lag on our training servers. We are allied with several clans, including [GS] (below), =M4G=, [ALI] and }TG{. In game we focus on strategy and teamwork. And most importantly FUN!
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