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Name :Inok Atilk
Race:Human (White)
Occupation:Gun for Hire
Height: 5'8
Weight:200 lbs
Bulid:Very stalky
Family: His Mother Alink Atilk(Deceased) ,His Father Lango Atilk
Personalityosen't say much and is not on good terms with his father
Weapons:A Blaster pistol,A Custom Vibro Dagger and Blaster Rifle
History: Inok grew up in a small house in Mos Esliey where him,His mother and Father lived,He Had a happy life until he turned Nine,Thats when his mother was shot by bandits trying to take her speeder from her,After that Inok has had a hard life,His father being a raging fool who blames all of his problems on Inok,So one day when Inok was Twenty he ran away from his father and to Bestine to start a new life.
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