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Correct Fosh. Yoda says as much ...saying that the force was for "knowledge and defense....never attack..."

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lolz. Poldena, thanks for filling us in on the complete answer, but that was a question posted a year or so ago. Please dont do that again. Please read the rules on page 1

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New Question

Q. Who's bust graces the jedi library ?

bonus: pic.

movie EU bonus: why is that there ?

EDIT - Hmm. No takers. There is a bust(head statue) of Count Dooku in the jedi library scene(AOTC) behind obi wan when he is sitting searching for details about Kamno.

EU Bonus: There are actually 20 of the statues, they represet 20 of the jedi that have left the order, "The Lost Twenty"

More info from Official Site

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New Question :

Q. What was the Emperor's decree on the senate in ANH ?


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