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Jacob shuffled the cards with a satisfied grin on his face.

"Nice doing business with you sir", said Jacob mockingly to the suit he had challenged to a game of Pontoon earlier. Max's cat track was full of clientele like this guy. What was a small wager when you had money to burn?

Jacob on the other hand, didn't have money to burn. Cash was always hard to come across in Rubacava. What was once a quaint little port town was now a hot spot for gamblers and souls with more interest in living the high life than making the 4 year pilgrimage to the ninth underworld. Jacob despised them for it. His threadbare jumper and ripped jeans barely covered his bones, but he couldn't afford any new clothes, let alone the ferry journey to Puerto Zapato where he could continue his travels. He made it his mission to con every big wig that wandered through the halls of the cat track, slowly earning the right to board the ferry and cross to Puerto Zapato, but he would never take money from someone that couldn't afford it, who was he to rob the poor?

As Jacob laid his eyes on a large woman with a diamond ring almost as big as the hat she was wearing, a Reaper came tearing past, exiting the building as if his cloak was on fire. He was closely followed by a further two Reapers (DoD officials often travelled to Rubacava on their weekends off to enjoy a bit of gambling), but as the third one approaced, Jacob stepped into his path.

The reaper stopped just short of the frail skeleton in front of him.
"Move kid, this is important!" screamed the Reaper.
"What the hell is going on?" asked Jacob in such a forceful tone that even the Reaper flinched.
"Some shoot-out in the Land of the Living apparently, now get out of my way before I knock that bulbous head off of your twig of a neck!"

Jacob happily stepped aside, not needing another reason to send the Reaper on his way; Reapers were a frightening bunch when they got on their high horses, he had learnt that lesson the hard way, and his hands still bore the scars to prove it.

Thinking about it carefully, Jacob decided that while the shoot-out itself was a waste of time for a conman such as himself, the potential gathering of so many DoD bosses was an opportunity not to be missed, and if John Niagi was there, making a mint would be all too easy...

Jacob knocked over a waiter as he left at full tilt. When the waiter lost sight of him, a passer by was said to exclaim:
"I saw him running towards the car park and jump in the back of one of those big black cars the Reapers use..."

By the time the waiter arrived in the car park the DoD officials were long-gone, Jacob along with them...

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