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Cain needed a car to take him to limbo so he decided to go to the garage. The worker demon was there and he asked if he could drive. But the demon said ever since the last demon drove away he wasnt created to drive only to wrench cars. So I asked him if there was an alternitive. He said since he could wrench things he custom made me a car. Afterwards he made me a black jeep that looked like a skull so i drove to limbo in it. The car was so easy to drive even a child could do it. Since the best travel package i could afford was a car i decided to call it the apocolipes. So after driving at breakneck speed i finnaly stopped at the bridge in the land of the living. But my arch selling rivel was already there. His name was Tommy Jhonson. He made double the premium sales i made. Witch was saying something. He took the holyest person there and ran. But i took the last guy left. So i drove him back to my office

I realised the only package he qualifed for was by ship so he took the next bus to rubacava. But I didnt care I wanted to talk to my boss now. I had a question to ask him. But when i was cleared by the secritary someone was in his office and was searching it. I yelled WHO ARE U. But he took Niagi's sproutilla gun out of the drawer and pointed it at me. I took my scythe and asked him again

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