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As a US resident, I'm currently knee deep in watching the first season of the new Doctor Who series on the Sci-Fi Channel (currently just got done watching Fathers Day) so far I've very impressed. This is great adventure sci-fi stuff, not bogged down by Space Opera.

Like a bit of a fool I've been downloading Season 2, so while I'm only on Father's Day on Season 1, I've also watched up to School Reunion on season 2. So far it hasn't been a probibly because the continuity hasn't clashed (except for Cassandra in New Earth, but I'd already watched The End of the World, so it was ok)

I like Eccleston's Doctor and Tennant's Doctor, they're both different, and it seems like Tennant's Doctor is taking a darker turn from Eccleston.

So MJ, you're planing a Doctor Who fanfic Radio Drama for your next project right? Which Doctor are we talking about? And when might we expect it?

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