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Indeed, mucho weirdness.

I've been liking season 2 so far, mostly. The Doctor is good, but he's been let down a tad by the last two stories. And the next one doesn't seem like it'll do his justice either

I've been planning on doing a Doctor Who radio series for a while now, yeah. It's planned in the format of four half hour parts (total of two hours) and at the moment it's called Time Cubed, because there's three time lords in it - The Doctor, The Villain, and Number Two.

So I plan to do it... and I have mostly written the first half hour of it. But it's been bumped way back, thanks to the need to re-record Lost Cause 3 and Beneath Monkey Island again, probably in June.

So yeah, Doctor Who has become one of this 'if I get to it, it'd be great' kind of things.

And in the radio show, it wasn't any specific doctor. I hadn't planned on Lawrence doing any impersonation, just a british accent. Call him... the 12th Doctor, just to be safe.

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