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Ok, I've found what I consider the fundamental issue with luadec: It's not decompiling the binary code directly, but using Lua to load and walk the code. As a result, the internals are quite ugly, as a lot of Lua specific internal states, upvalues, etc. all have to be tracked.

The odd thing is that none of that is needed. The object format is very straight forward, and the mapping from the 35 opcodes to the source is almost direct. Even without the debugging info (function names, local variable names), recreating the original source should be doable.

Anyway, I've been studying chunkspy as well (a disassembler for Lua object code writen in Lua - only 2100 lines, with lots of comments), and I think I am going to work on creating something from scratch over the weekend. I'll post the progress.

This is so much more fun than working on work! :-)
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