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Allright, this is it!

I have finished two tools that:
  • Converts between the official Lua format and Petroglyph's Lua format.
  • Disassembles a Lua 5.0 object file.
I used these tools (among others) to decompile most Lua files (91%, lacking some story scripts for now).

Originally Posted by
Yes, that's right. Lua sources are available.
Along with instructions on how to create custom Lua files for Empire at War.
Get it all here:

Lacking a good decompiler, I've manually decompile everything luadec crashed on, and I still have to do the remaining story scripts, but I decided to release the Luas I've decompiled so far so you guys have something to work on
Ouch. Thanks for taking the time. I also have decompiled all but the 13 files luadec ended up bailing on (I fixed some of the crahes to get that far).

Originally Posted by
Of course, keep in mind the source is uncommented and uses a bit vague function arguments, which is inherent to any decompilation. Perhaps I will one day rename them to something meaningful, based on what they do, once I have time.

Anyway, as usual, if you have questions or remarks (both the good and the bad kind), post here.
I am working on a good decompiler. It can decode the binary files for both debug and non-debug already (like what -list can do with luac), so today I am starting the source code generation.

Unlike luadec, this loads the binary object directly, wihtout Lua's involvement. The code is only 500 lines of c++ so far. I should have the source generation working reliably within another couple of days. I've named it luad (I know, how original...).

Once this is done, along with your lup2lua tool, and luac, we should be able to decompile, modify, and recompile the sources!

If you want, we can combine all of the tools into one, so it can be done easier for the non-tech types out there.

Great job!
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