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Originally Posted by Athanasios
Mike, i suggest you work with squeege so that we get 100% bug-free and 100% commented lua files.
I'm pretty sure the code is bug free. I recompiled my decompiled code and the resulting object files was an exact binary match with the original.

And we wouldn't want 100% commented lua files. That would leave no room for the actual code

Originally Posted by Athanasios
I posted this for you in PFF, just in case you're not registered .
Yeah, I'm not, so thanks

Actually, the biggest challenge now is to create documentation. Establish an API. Find out how the Luas interface with the game and how far that interface can be stretched.

And to squeegee:
I'm looking forward to your decompiler. It would certainly be nice to bundle these tools.
Out of curiosity, how robust will your decompiler be? Will it depend heavily on known constructs by the compiler? Or is it able to generate equivalent source code from other, but functionally equivalent code as well?
For instance, the compiler compiles while loops with the test at the end, but what if the test were moved to the beginning? And what if the assembly was more optimized in terms of register (re)usage? The standard lua compiler is pretty brain-dead from what I can tell.

But I do agree, the lua object format is ridiculously simple, that's why luadec never impressed me that much, with all its bloat. is offline   you may: quote & reply,