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Originally Posted by Commander Obi-Wan
Let's try and rejuvanate this thread...

Q: What character, in one early discussion before a script was written, was planned to be one of the last clones from a planet of clones?
This has been up a little while so Im taking a 'guess' and changing it over.

sorry I have been a bit tardy with teh changeovers, Im been very busy recently...

I'd guess that it was Boba Fett ?? I do know that the ESB novelisation says that he was from an almost extinct warrior race that helped the Empire during the Jedi Purge... Please let us know the answer if otherwise Obi
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New Question:

Q. The "Wilhelm scream" is now a Hollywood tradition. It is an audio sample that sound editors put into action scenes in movies. Describe where the scream was inserted in ROTS ?

hint: for those who are unware of it : Wiki has a good article on its background and a sound clip(.wav format at bottom of screen for those that cant play .ogg) clicky


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