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Originally Posted by DarthMaulUK
To be honest, im just sick of it. It must be the worst ranking system I have EVER played. No sense of community at all, players are allowed to create dozens of accounts, droppers, disconnectors - who do not report their games - the utter randomness (well, when you play the same person on the same map and are the same side 3 times in a row, is it random?) of the whole experience is, I believe, denting the community and discouraging players from signing up. It does need urgent addressing if the community is to survive.

Lets face it, if you try and play a custom game, the moment you win a battle of some importance, they drop! The biggest flaw in this jem of a game I believe.

LucasForums is a well balanced place to visit. Sometimes there are rules that are too strict, and other times rules can be broken. If someone was to create too many rules, they would loose their visitors. With the right balance between rules and common sense, you have a community that flows well.

Gamespy's community is one of flexibility, which goes too far right and too far left. Someday they will find their center, but one cannot dismiss how long they have been in the MultiPlayer business. Maybe it is time to move forward and onto better things.

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