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Aha I like some of the ideas posted, Ford's mind would be wonderful!

If it was set a few years later it'd be nice to go into some of the people's minds you couldn't go into before(Lili, other camp kids, etc.)

I think it would be nice if we needed to go into Sasha's mind again...But this time you'd see more. I was thinking about Sasha's second memory vault and it totally explains why you don't see anything about Milla. Think about it...When his mind went nuts I bet that was the FIRST thing he hid again...I mean he was pretty freaked when he saw that stuff about his mom, I bet his mind is very strict when a child is in there...

That would be cool, and of course some fun baddies. If they make it(oh the wonderful word if...) I would like more things you needed to do outside of someone's mind. Like in Milla's memories..The whole secret agent thing.

Oh! And as said before Raz would have to break the curse...Not sure how they would do that, either he'd have to go into the minds of the gypsies and fight 'em, or they'd make him go in there as a test(Why did they curse his family anyway? I think that's a major factor..)
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