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Originally Posted by Lord_MalaKdoggk
Umm don't think so- If you remember from the second film( I think) they explaine that the imperial soldiers are clones of the bounty hunter (Jengo Fett) and he made only 1 request for payment... 1 unaltered clone (whom he adopted as his son calling him Boba) which was one of the clones from the FIRST batch of soldiers from the clone planet.

If I had to guess I'd say it was 'Han Solo', not Lando
Obi-wan asked the question, and he gave us the answer; Lando. Your post is redundant.

Astro, I'm not sure but I believe that the scream is used in the movie when a Clone is being thrown off his feet and onto the floor by an explosion, as i'm typing i'm thinking it is during the Battle of Coruscant when a turbolaser is being destroyed.

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