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Originally Posted by Skinkie
I believe you are correct.
I believe you too.


You're right, there appears to be no rescumm thinger in the tools archive.

However, there is a binary called extract_scumm_mac and this might be what Jake referred to as rescumm because teh almighty README says:
Extracts Macintosh "single file" SCUMM games into their
component parts, for use with ScummVM.
This is required for ScummVM up to version 0.6.x; all
later versions directly support reading this file

I don't have to tell you what you have to do now, huh?

P.S.: Err, Jake.. it says ScummVM versions later than 0.6.x "natively" support Mac format. Are you having fun with misleading poor kids who clandestinely use their parents computer?

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