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Originally Posted by Ray G. Jones
Oooo, "good at checking email". XD

Well, since there seems to be no rescumm binary, it would be rather pointless if you're still trying to use it, huh? So why not try extract_scumm_mac.
here is what i tried.

~/sam/extract_scumm_mac "Sam & Max Data" samnmax

this is what comes up.

error: you must specify the mac data file on the command line.
i.e. % extract_scumm_mac "Sam & Max Demo Data"

A note on usage. Some Lucas Arts CDs appear to contains only an application.
They actually contain a seperate data file as an invisible file.

i tried copying all the files from the Sam & Max CD to my "sam" folder, and tried again. the same thing came up.

now what?!
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