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Hm. Ooookaay..

First off, it seems with a recent release of ScummVM you won't need to extract the data file. So screw extract_scumm_mac. All you need is the Sam & Max data file from your CD. Unfortunately, due to a lack of the Macintoshizzle Sam & Max versionizzle dizzle in my warez folder .... warez f ...... wa ............................ CD archive, I cannot tell what its proper name on the CD is. According to everyone (or almost) else on this earth, it's most likely called Sam & Max Data. However, if not, the data file is the biggest file ever on the CD ... so .. errm, ya know..? *empty look* Huh? Aah, I also have this list of needed files, which says it's called like everyone else says.

Anyways, the point is, the data file is most probably *HIDDEN* on the CD, so you see alot of **** and such but not what you need.

But I cannot tell you how to unhide files or copy hidden files for Mac, since I don't have a Mac. Maybe Jake could enlight us with an ugly chunk of knowledge, if he ever returns from his last acid trip..

Also, if you have any problems with ScummVM, maybe you get more qualified answers here, at the ScummVM help forums, eh!


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