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Chapter 12-part 2

((Ok, well not as long as some of my other chapters, but it's something. Enjoy!))


“Something’s odd about our passenger,” Rade said as he returned to the bridge from engineering.

“And this surprises you?” Bastila asked, as she input the final co-ordinates for Onderon. “All of our recent ‘passengers’ have been odd.”

“No, our previous passengers weren’t ‘odd’,” Rade said. “They were deceptive and sneaky. This one is…” He turned his head and looked behind him suddenly, as if expecting to see Ithra eavesdropping. But no one was there. “I can’t feel her through the Force,” he continued. “Can you?”

“No,” said Bastila. “But Jolee said that there are some creatures in the Galaxy that don’t give off a Force signature.”

“Creatures?” Carth looked up from his console. “I wouldn’t classify Kye as a ‘creature.’” He grinned slightly. “Well, not in the way you mean ‘creature.’”

“Are you sure?” Bastila asked, her mouth twitching up in a tiny, sardonic grin. “She could be a shape-shifter. Maybe, in her true form, she looks something like Zalbaar.”

“Ha, ha. Very funny,” Carth replied dryly. “You’re just jealous because there is another beautiful woman on board.”

“Yes, this part of the Galaxy seems rather prolific with them.” She looked at Rade. “Very odd, indeed, for such an isolated and remote place.”

“Carth," Rade asked, "while you and she were fixing the ship…did Kye go into any details on exactly why she wanted to go to Onderon? Besides the obvious ‘there’s work to be had there,’ I mean.”

Carth shook his head. “No, not really. In fact, she was pretty enigmatic about it when I asked her.” A moment passed, and then Carth frowned. “But, now that I thing about it, there was something I thought was strange.” He looked at Rade and Bastila. “She has a lightsabre.”

Rade’s brow rose. “Does she now?”

“Told Mission and me she got it off of a trader, as I recall.”

Bastila grinned smugly. “She didn’t happen to mention the trader’s name, did she?”

Revan thoughtfully rubbed his jaw. “Yes…like Krex, perhaps?”

“No, she…oh, now, wait a minute,” Carth said hesitantly. “You’re not suggesting that she’s the one Krex pointed us to? Co’Vanni?” He shook his head. “No way.”

“She’s going to Onderon. Co’Vanni is going to Onderon. She’s reluctant to talk about her past. Co’Vanni is so mysterious, we couldn’t even get a description of him. Or her,” Bastila mused.

Carth vehemently shook his head. “If she was this Co’Vanni, why would she have stayed aboard the ship?”

“Carth’s right,” said Rade. “Co’Vanni would have to know by now that we were looking for him. Her. Them.”

“And the best place to hide is in plain sight,” said Bastila.

“What about the Gem?” Carth asked. “If Kye’s this Co’Vanni person, she’d have the Gem. And I certainly didn’t see it.”

“You searched her?” Rade asked.

“Well…no, but….” Carth paused. “But… didn’t Ithra say she would be able to sense the Gem if it was near?”

Bastila sighed. “Yes. She did.” She looked at Rade. “And even though I still don’t trust her, I don’t think she could have kept something like that to herself. If the Gem was on board, she would have told us by now.”

Rade nodded. “Still…there’s something not right here.”

“I’ll say,” said Kye’s voice from behind him. “You’ve got a crazed assassin droid in your cargo hold. Carth, what kind of Jedi are you travelling with?”

“Suspicious ones,” Bastilla said acidly.

Kye gave her a disingenuous smile. “Ah, you must be Bastila. Mission told me you could be… irascible, for lack of a better word.”

“Irascible?!” Bastila exclaimed, frowning. “I am nothing of the sort!”

“Whatever you say,” Kye said, with a tongue-in-cheek grin. “Anyway, Rade, about this…droid in the cargo bay.”

“HK? What about him?”

Just then, a single shot of blaster fire could be heard in the main hold, followed by a loud thud.

“Canderous!” Mission screamed. “No!”

“Assassination protocols activated!” HK’s voice echoed up the corridor.

“HK, stop!” Mission could be heard shouting. “Hey, Jolee! One of those Jedi stasis fields would be handy about now!”

“He's got a glitch, that’s what,” Kye said, rather calmly for the situation. “A big glitch.”

Rade pushed past Kye, and raced down the corridor, followed closely behind by Bastila and Carth.

Kye looked around the cockpit. “Erm…is anyone going to fly the ship?”

She heard the sounds of a struggle down the corridor as the crew tried to subdue the renegade HK.

“No?” Kye said to no one in particular. She shrugged, and then went to the pilot’s control station. She looked at the panel, then frowned. If they didn’t jump into hyperspace soon, they would have to recalculate. And that would cost them precious time. Her fingers tapped a few keys. A beep sounded. A light flashed on, then off again. “There. That should do it,” she said to herself, and she stepped away from the control station and then padded down the corridor to see what was going on. “Hyperspace in three minutes, and counting.”

HK was now being held in a stasis field—two, in fact—and as Jolee and Bastila concentrated on keeping the rusty red droid immobile, Rade concentrated on trying to fix him.

“Damn that Berland!” Rade muttered. “I knew he did something to sabotage HK!”

At the mention of Berland’s name, Kye raised a stealthy brow. But something of greater interest had caught her eye. Canderous--laying on the deck, unmoving, with Mission hovering over him. She crossed through the hold, and knelt next to the fallen Mandalorian.

“HK just went…berserk!” Mission exclaimed in horror to Rade and the rest of the group. “We were just starting a game of Pazaak, and… and…” She looked up at Kye. “I… I don’t think he’s breathing!”

With a calm expression, Kye took up Canderous’ wrist in one hand, and laid her other on Canderous’ forehead, then closed her eyes.

“Got it!” Rade said, and extracted a tiny chip from HK’s chassis, no bigger than the moon on his fingernail. “Had this not been glowing red hot, I wouldn’t have even noticed this!” He nodded for Bastila and Jolee to release the droid. As soon as they did, the Ebon Hawk lurched into hyperspace, and HK-47 teetered, then fell flat to the deck on his back.

“Hey! Who jumped us into hyperspace?” Carth asked, seeing as everyone but Ithra was in the main hold.

“I did,” Kye said. Her eyes opened, but her hands remained on Canderous. “Remote jump. Don’t worry. I didn’t do any calculations on my own.”

“Observation:", said HK. "Master? I appear to have suffered a minor malfunction culminating in my being in the slightly awkward position of not being able to regain my vertical positioning. In other words, I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up.”

“You’ll be fine,” Rade said, using the Force to quickly lift HK to his feet. Rade then wheeled around to where Canderous was. “Is he...?”

“I don’t know,” Mission said worriedly. “HK shot him and ….”

“He’ll be fine,” Kye said, lifting her hand from Canderous' brow. “His pulse is strong. He’s just unconscious. He’ll come around soon.”

“Are you sure?” Mission asked.

“Oh, she’s sure,” said a cold, icy female voice. It was Ithra. Disturbed from her sleep by all of the racket, she was now standing at the other end of the main hold, glaring menacingly at Kye. “Jantessan Keepers have the ability to heal from within.” Suddenly, her eyes went black. “You traitor!” she suddenly snarled, and with a quick raise of her hand, she uncharacteristically used the Force to hurl Kye across the hold, slamming her hard into the hull wall.

Kye shook her head to clear it, then frowned. “Ow!” she said, rubbing the back of her head. “That hurt!”

Before Rade or anyone else could stop her, Ithra raised her hand again. But this time, it was Ithra who went flying backwards, her attack having been reflected by Kye, without her even raising a finger.

Kye stood up slowly and began to brush off her clothes. “You haven’t learned anything, have you,” she said to Ithra.

“I’ve learned enough to become Prime Keeper!” Ithra shouted from where she lay crumpled on the floor. “And I’ve learned that the only way to keep Jantessa alive is to join the Republic, purge it of traitors like you, and bring back the Gem to its rightful place in the Haven where it can once again be used to bring harmony and balance to our world!”

Kye raised an eyebrow. “You? Prime Keeper?” She shook her head. “There are no more Keepers.”

“That’s because you killed them all!”

“Well, apparently, I missed one,” Kye said, her eyes narrowing. “Prime Keeper, indeed!” she scoffed cynically. “You’re not a Keeper. Not even close.”

“What is going on!” Rade demanded, giving a harsh look at Ithra, then turning on Kye. “Who are you?!”

“She’s a traitor, that’s who she is!” Ithra said, getting up shakily to her feet, her eyes now returning to their normal violet shade.

“Let her speak, Ithra!” Rade ordered. “Now, who are you?”

“That depends,” said Kye.

“Quit with the cryptic questions, and just tell me who you are, and how you know Ithra!”

Kye grinned. “Ithra was once a pupil of mine,” she said matter-of-factly. “Long ago.”

“You betrayed our people and sent hundreds to their deaths!” Ithra cried. “She’s a traitor, and she deserves to die!” She made to lunge at Kye, but Jolee and Bastila grabbed hold of her and held her back.

“No one ‘deserves’ to die,” said Bastila. “No matter what they’ve done.”

“Spoken like a true Jedi,” Kye commented. “And I suppose ‘ol Revan here is proof positive of that philosophy in practice.”

Rade frowned. “I’m not Revan. Not anymore.”

“Oh? Well, if you’re not Revan, then I’m not who I was either,” Kye replied sassily.

“Okay. So who were you?”

“Kiana Do’Shaanan. Former Keeper, former collaborator with the Sith Lord Revan, currently banished traitor, damn good engineer, fairly good cook, half decent waitress, hopeless navigator and….” Kye smiled. “Ithra’s older sister.”

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