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ok crash course in this.... Intel has more ghz than AMD but AMD has more bus(its the speed that connects your RAM and other stuff to your proccesor) on average a intel has 800 bus and a AMD has 2000. i prefer Intel but my next comp im getting AMD becuase you have to mix up life! hope this helps. o and the best AMD is teh athlon 64 i think or am i wrong(havent looked at this stuff for months) but the most important thing is the graphics card i prefer the 7600 256mb it will run very well on most if not all pressecors. if you do get an Intel get the D with 3 ghz or the 3.2 or if you really want to get a sweet comp get the 3.78ghz thats alot of speed....hope that all helped you out --- Ages of Star Wars: Jedi Civil war --- Official website
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