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I joined in the Kotor forum so I'll join here,

Name: Blue-2
Nickname: Hunter
Number: 3
Squad: Alpha
Squad Role: Scout
Weapons: Blaster Pistol with sniper attachment, Fusion Cutter
Strengths: Perfect Aim, An excellent asset in Covert and Open Field missions
Weaknesses: May let his dark past on Kamino get to him on missions
Biography: Hunter had a bad past on Kamino, everyone made fun of him. 2 years into his studies, everyone moved on to teenagehood, but Hunter didn't, everyone made fun of him, even his instructors when he messed up. One day Hunter couldn't take it anymore when one of his fellow students teased him to no end during a lesson, so Hunter stuck a fusion cutter to that students eye. The boy wasn't killed, and Hunter wasn't expelled, he moved from laughing stock to most feared.

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